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Version: 7.9

PDF Viewer

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PDF Viewer

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The PDF Viewer component displays a PDF that exists as a file in some accessible file system, or as a URL. Note that this component is simply for viewing existing PDFs. To create or view dynamically generated reports use the Reporting Module.

This component is typically used in conjunction with the File Explorer component, in order to create a PDF viewing window. Simply bind the Selected Path property in the PDF Viewer to the File Explorer's Selected Path property. See the File Explorer's documentation, as well as the File Explorer and PDF Viewer page for further instructions on how to put these two components together.


NameDescriptionProperty TypeScriptingCategory
BorderThe border surrounding this component. NOTE that the border is unaffected by rotation.Border.borderCommon
File PathPath to the .pdf file to be displayed.String.filePathData
Footer VisibleIf false, the Footer is not displayed.Boolean.footerVisibleAppearance
NameThe name of this component.String.nameCommon
Page Fit ModeMode to fit the document within the viewer. (1 = Disabled, 2 = Actual Size, 3 = Fit Height, 4 = Fit Width)Integer.pageFitModeAppearance
Page View ModeHow to display PDF in Viewer (1 = One Page, 2 = One Column, 3 = Two Page Left, 4 = Two Col Left, 5 = Two Page Right, 6 = Two Col Right)Integer.pageViewModeAppearance
Toolbar VisibleSets the top PDF control toolbar to visible.Boolean.toolBarVisibleAppearance
Utility VisibleSets the Utility Sidebar to visible.Boolean.utilityPaneVisibleAppearance
VisibleIf disabled, the component will be hidden.Boolean.visibleCommon

PDF Viewer Toolbar

Toolbar ButtonsNameFunction
Save AsWill save the currently loaded pdf to the local computer.
Print DocumentWill print the currently loaded pdf from the local computer.
Search DocumentWill open up a text field that can be used to search the currently loaded pdf for a specific word or phrase. *Note: This is located in the Utility Panel and can be accessed from there as well.
Show/Hide Utility PanelWill show/hide the Utility panel. The Utility Panel contains the following tabs:
  • Search - Will search the document for a specific word or phrase.
  • Bookmarks - Will display all of the bookmarks for the loaded pdf and allow you to quickly jump to them.
  • Thumbnails - Will display a thumbnail view of all of the pages of the loaded pdf. Clicking on one will jump to it.
  • Annotations - Will create a multitude of annotations on the currently loaded pdf. After adding an annotation, it can be selected and then configured in the Utility Panel. Annotations include highlights, strike through, underlines, text notes, and actions like navigating to a url.
  • Layers - Will display the layers of the currently loaded pdf, if any.
First PageWill navigate back to the first page of the pdf.
Previous PageWill navigate back one page of the pdf.
Current Page NumberWill show the current page number out of the total number of pages, also allowing a page number to be entered which will jump to that page immediately.
Next PageWill navigate forward one page of the pdf.
Last PageWill navigate forward to the last page of the pdf.
Zoom OutWill zoom out from the pdf.
ZoomA drop down list that displays the current zoom, as well as giving the ability to switch between different preset zoom amounts.
Zoom InWill zoom in to the pdf.
Actual SizeWill revert back to a 100% zoom which is the natural size of the pdf.
Fit In WindowWill fit the pdf to the pdf viewer window.
Fit WidthWill fit the pdf to the width of the pdf viewer.
Rotate RightWill rotate the pdf right.
Rotate LeftWill rotate the pdf left.
Pan ToolWill pan around a page of the pdf by clicking and dragging. Works better when zoomed in.
Text Select ToolCan be used to select text in the pdf.
Zoom Marquee ToolWill zoom into the pdf by clicking and dragging to select an area.
Zoom Dynamic ToolWill zoom in and out using the scroll wheel.
Select ToolCan be used to select objects on the pdf such as annotations.
Highlight Annotation ToolCan be used to highlight text in the pdf. Can also be done from the Utility Panel and can be configured there as well.
Text Annotation ToolCan be used to place a text comment on the pdf. Can be configured in the Utility Panel.


See the PDF Viewer Scripting Functions page for the full list of scripting functions available for this component.

Event Handlers

Event handlers allow you to run a script based off specific triggers. See the full list of available event handlers on the Component Events page



Refer to the example on the Vision Reporting Components page.