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Version: 8.1


This function is used by Ignition's Expression language.


Returns the given value, but overwrites the quality of that value. Provides more control over the value than the forceQuality expression.


qualifiedValue(value, level, [subcode], [diagnosticMessage])

  • Parameters

    • Object value - The value to force a quality on.
    • Object level - The level to force on the value. Possible levels are Good or 0, Uncertain or 1, Bad or 2, Error or 3.
    • Object subcode - The subcode to include with the quality level. See Quality Codes and Overlays for more information on possible subcodes. [optional]
    • Object diagnosticMessage - The a diagnostic message to add to the quality. [optional]
  • Results

    • QualifiedValue - The value with a forced quality, formatted as a QualifiedValue.


Code Snippet
qualifiedValue(1, 'bad', 515, 'New Quality')  //Returns the value 1 but with a quality of Bad_Disabled("New Quality").