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Version: 7.9

Translating Built-in Terms


There are several built-in terms used by Ignition that are translatable. This page contains the Keys that can be used to translate these terms.

Built-in Access Denied

When Security Settings are configured on a window, the only restriction is Do Not Open, which prevents the window from opening based on User Roles. The text in this message box is not normally configurable, but can be altered via translations.

The line below should be used as the Key.

Access Violation - Key
<HTML><P><font color='red'>ACCESS VIOLATION.</font><P>You do not have the privileges to open window '%s'

Here we have a modified version of the text that should appear. In this example, we're using English (Alternate) as the language. The name of the window is passed into the message box via the '%s' substring.

Access Violation - Translated Term
<HTML><P><font color='red'>ACCESS VIOLATION.</font><P>Sorry! You're not allowed to access '%s <br> <b>So sorry!<b/>'

Now, our message box appears as the following:

Screen Locked Message

The built-in function can be used to lock the screen. In some cases, you may wish to change the text on the Screen Locked window.

Screen Locked - Key
<HTML><CENTER>This screen has been locked by<BR><font size=+1><b><u>%s</u></b>

We can use the following key to translate the message on the Screen Locked window. The '%s' substring will reference the username of the user currently logged in. In this example, we added a few line breaks, which will make the Screen Locked window appear taller.

Screen Locked - Translated Term
<HTML><CENTER>This screen is now locked! <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>Either logout or type in the password for :<BR><font size=+1><b><u>%s</u></b>

Now, the message on the Screen Locked window appears as follows: