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Version: 7.9

Client Tags for Indirection

Inductive University

Using Client Tags for Indirection

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Client tags can be used as a variable across all windows to indirectly point to a set of tags, such as an area of the plant. Suppose that a window has a drop-down that allows a user to select different areas of the plant. If the drop-down is bidirectionally bound to a Client tag's selected string value property, the user can change the drop-down's value, therefore resulting in the indirect binding throughout the project reflecting the change in the Client tag.

The Client tag can be bound to a Custom property on a window's Root Container. This Custom property can be bound to the Client tag. The components inside the window can have indirect binding on their properties that leverage the Custom property on the window. Therefore, the components on the window will be dependent on the Client tag. Client tags are managed inside the Client therefore each Client will be independent of other Clients.