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Version: 7.9

Table - Indirect Tag History Binding

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Indirect Tag History Binding

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You can use indirection to configure the tag history binding to point to a set of tags based on any parameter on the screen.

Set indirection on Tag History binding

  1. Drag a Table (or a Power Table) from the Component Palette into your window.
  2. In the Property Editor, go to the Data property, and click the binding icon. The Property Binding window is displayed.
  3. Select the Tag History option.
  4. From Available Historical Tags, find the desired historical tags by selecting and expanding the historical providers.
  5. Once you have found the tag, drag it into to the right into Selected Historical Tags.
  6. Open the Indirection box by clicking the plus sign next to it.
  7. Double-click on one of the tags and enter a {1} in the part of the tag path that you want to create the indirection on. A new reference will appear in the indirection box. Bind the variable to the location.
  8. Enter a desired start and end date in the Start Date Binding or End Date Binding text boxes. A better option is to bind these to the date properties of date components.
  9. Select the appropriate Aggregation Mode.
  10. For Sample Size, select the Interval option from the drop-down, and enter the desired interval spacing.
  11. Set Polling Mode to Relative to see table update at the project's base rate.
  12. Click OK.