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Version: 7.9

Tag History Splitter

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Tag History Splitter

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Tag History Splitter Provider

The Tag History Module has a provider type called the Tag History Splitter. Like the Remote History Provider, it doesn't store history on it's own, it relies on having other providers already set up. A Splitter provider simply logs Tag History into multiple existing History Providers.

Some users prefer to have the data that is recorded by the Tag Historian sent to multiple databases. For example, project specifications require redundant logging and users at another facility may like to have a copy of the data in their local database. In cases like this, the Tag History Splitter Provider is ideal.

The Gateway that these Tags reside in must have multiple Tag History Providers configured. Should one of the providers fault, the Store and Forward system will kick in to maintain the data on the faulted connection. Since each database connection has its own Store and Forward engine, the data is always forwarded to the correct database.

To use the Tag History Splitter

To create the additional Tag History provider, do the following steps:

  1. Go to the Configure section of the Gateway, and choose Tags > History from the menu on the left.
  2. Go to the bottom of the Historical Tag Providers page, and click Create new Historical Tag Provider. The Add Historical Tag Provider Step 1: Choose Type page is displayed.
  3. Select Tag History Splitter and click Next. The New Historical Tag Provider page is displayed.
  4. Enter a name for the Provider Name, and from the dropdown choose a database for the First Connection (for the primary data) and one for the Second Connection (for secondary data).
  5. Click Create New Historical Tag Provider. Now the splitter Tag provider is created and you can use it to log the Tag History data in the Designer. Check this by going back to the Designer, selecting a Tag and then right-clicking to select the Edit Tags option. On the Tag Editor window go to the History tab and see the new splitter provider in the dropdown of the History Provider.

Tag History Splitter Provider Properties

Below are the properties available on the Historical Tag Provider.


Provider NameName of the connection.
EnabledEnables and disables the connection.
DescriptionDescription of the connection. The description appears on the Historical Tag Providers page of the Gateway.


First ConnectionData is stored to both connections equally. However, all tag history queries (tag history bindings, system.tag.queryTagHistory() calls, reporting tag historian queries, etc.) execute against the first connection, unless a limit is imposed using the settings below, or the first connection is unavailable.
Second ConnectionThe second connection to store tag history.


Limit First Connection QueryIf enabled, only queries that are within the time frame specified below will be executed against the first connection. Queries that go further back will execute against the second connection.
Limit Length and UnitsThe unit and length of the time frame limitation mentioned above.