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Version: 7.9

LED Display

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The LED display is a stylized numeric or alphanumeric label. It has three different visual styles which all correspond to a kind of physical display: 7-segment, 14-segment, and 5x7 matrix. By default this component is in numeric mode, which means you should use its Value property. If you need to display characters as well, switch the mode to alphanumeric, and use the Text property.


NameDescriptionProperty TypeScriptingCategory
Background ColorThe color of the background.Color.backgroundAppearance
BorderThe border surrounding this component. NOTE that the border is unaffected by rotation.Border.borderCommon
CursorThe mouse cursor to use when hovering over this
Data QualityThe data quality code for any tag bindings on this
Horizontal AlignmentDetermines the alignment of the display's contents along the X
LED LitThe color of lit LED segments.Color.glyphForegroundAppearance
LED UnlitThe color of unlit LED segments.Color.glyphBackgroundAppearance
Letter GapThe percentage of the height to be used as an inter-character spacing.float.gapLayout
MarginThe margin for the interior of the display.Insets.marginLayout
ModeThe mode of the
Mouseover TextThe text that is displayed in the tooltip which pops up on mouseover of this component.String.toolTipTextCommon
NameThe name of this component.String.nameCommon
Number Format PatternThe number formatting string used to format the value.String.numberFormatBehavior
StyleThe visual style of the
StylesContains the component's styles.Dataset.stylesAppearance
TextThe text value of the display, used when Mode is AlphanumericString.textData
ValueThe numeric value of the display, used when Mode is Numericdouble.valueData
VisibleIf disabled, the component will be hidden.boolean.visibleCommon


Scripting Functions

This component does not have scripting functions associated with it.

Extension Functions

This component does not have extension functions associated with it.

Event Handlers

Event handlers allow you to run a script based off specific triggers. See the full list of available event handlers on the Component Events page



Custom LED Component

Property NameValue
Background Color0,0,0
LED Lit255,0,0
LED Unlit0,0,0

Custom LED Component

Property NameValue
TextHello World
Horizontal AlignmentCenter

Custom LED Component

Property NameValue
BorderLine Border
Text852.23 lbs
Style7 Segment
Background Color255,255,255
LED Lit0,0,0
LED Unlit255,255,255

Custom LED Component

Property NameValue
Style5x7 Matrix
Background Color64,64,64