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This function is used in Python Scripting.


This function locates an exported tag file and loads the tags into the specified tag provider.

Client Permission Restrictions

Permission Type: Tag Editing

Client access to this scripting function is blocked to users that do not meet the role/zone requirements for the above permission type. This function is unaffected when run in the Gateway scope.


system.tag.loadFromFile(filePath, provider, mode)

  • Parameters
    • String filePath - The path of the tag file to import from.
    • String provider - The name of the provider to import to.
    • Integer mode - Dictates what happens if the tag already exists. 0 = overwrite, 1 = ignore.
  • Returns
    • Nothing
  • Scope
    • All

Code Examples

Example #1
# The following example loads a file named 'tags.xml' located at C:\
# The backslash character is an escape character in python, so we have to use it twice for the filePath variable

# Create variables to pass into the function
filePath = 'C:\\tags.xml'
provider = 'default'

# Load the file