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Version: 8.1

Designer Launcher

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The Designer Launcher

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The Designer Launcher is the only means of launching a Designer, allowing you to make changes against a Gateway. The same Designer can access all the projects that are available on that Gateway, and you don't need to add the Designer multiple times for different Gateways.

The Designer Launcher is available on the Home tab of the Gateway Webpage. More information on installing the Designer Launcher can be found on the Launchers and Workstation page.

Designer Launcher Settings

Settings for the entire Launcher can be found on the Launchers and Workstation page.

Designer Card Menu

To access additional options for each Designer, click on the "three menu dots" in the upper right corner of the Designer card.

Menu ItemDescription
ManageOpen the Designer Application Settings menu.
Go to Gateway
New in 8.1.14
Open the Gateway in a new window.
Create ShortcutCreate a desktop shortcut for this Designer.
Add to FavoritesAdd this Designer to your Favorites.
ExportExport this Designer as a JSON object.
DeleteDelete this Designer.

Designer Application Settings

Settings for applications in the Designer Launcher are listed below. To access the application settings, click on the "three menu dots" on the My Designers window and select the Manage option.

Designer General Settings

Setting NameDescription
Designer NameName of the Designer.

New in 8.1.5
As of 8.1.5 the Designer Name field is required.
Gateway AddressThe address to the Gateway in the format http[s]://host.port.
TimeoutThe maximum number of seconds to allow for any Gateway communication. Any communication that exceeds this amount will cause the Vision client launcher to abort the communication and try again if configured.
RetriesHow many times to attempt to contact a Gateway again if an error occurred during communication. Available values are:
  • -1 : Retry indefinitely, or until the launcher is manually closed.
  • 0 : Zero retries, or abort after the first failure.
  • 1 (or more): Determines the number of retries: i.e., a value of "5" means five retries. If the number of retries is exceeded, then the launcher will attempt to launch the Fallback Application.
  • Initial HeapThe initial heap size (memory) for the Designer.
    Maximum HeapThe maximum heap size (memory) for the Designer.
    JVM ArgumentsAdditional JVM arguments to add to that specific application if desired. The defaults are created from the global jvm-args that exist at the time of the creation of the application. These can then be modified and the modifications will persist and never be updated again from the global setting.