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Version: 8.1


This function is used by Ignition's Expression language.


Creates a color using the given red, green, and blue amounts, which are integers between 0-255. The optional alpha channel to the color controls transparency.


This function was designed to return color objects to Vision bindings, and will not work with Perspective bindings. Instead, Perspective color properties can simply use string hex codes to derive a color from a binding, for example: "#00FF00".


color(red, green, blue[, alpha])

  • Parameters

    • Integer red - The intensity of red, between 0 - 255.

    • Integer green - The intensity of green, between 0 - 255.

    • Integer blue - The intensity of blue, between 0 - 255.

    • Integer alpha - The amount of transparency, between 0 - 255. [optional]

  • Results

    • Color - Returns a color with the given RGB value.


There are no expression function examples associated with this expression function