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Version: 8.1

Report Component - Pie Chart

The Pie Chart takes a Data Source with two keys: a Label (typically a string) and a Value (typical a numerical value).

Report Design Component Palette Icon:


Property Inspector - Configure Tab

Data KeyUnique identifier or placeholder to the data source that will populate the chart.
Label KeyKey that will list the names of each segment in the legend on the chart.
Value KeyThe key that will populate the chart with data.
Segment ColorsA unique color in the RGBA color space for each segment (wedge). Will repeat the colors if there are not enough to cover all of the different segments, so it is important to list a lot of colors here.
Add Segment Adds a color wedge to the chart.
Remove Segment Deletes a color wedge from the chart.
Scripting Enabled
New in 8.1.28
Enables the script for this component to run.
Edit Script
New in 8.1.28
Allows the chart to be modified before the report is rendered.

Property Inspector - Properties Tab

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Data KeyData key of the dataset that drives this pie chart.
Label KeyColumn name inside the dataset represented by the Data Key which holds the pie wedge's label.
Label StyleStyle for labels on the pie chart. Options are None (0), Simple (1), and Outset (2).
Label FormatFormat of labels, if enabled. Use {0} = wedge name, {1} = value, {2} = percentage.
Label FontFont used for this chart's labels.
Legend FontFont used for this chart's legend.
Section OutlineColor to use for outline dividing sections. See Color Selector.
Show Chart Shadow
New in 8.1.28
If true, display background shadow on the Pie Chart.
Show LegendIf true, show the chart's legend.
Sort OrderOrder to sort chart categories. This will determine colors used and order of the legend.
StyleStyle for this pie chart. Options are Pie, 3D Pie, and Ring.
Value KeyColumn name inside the dataset represented by the Data Key which holds the pie wedge's value.
OpacityHow opaque the fill color is, between 0 and 1.
Stroke StyleWhat style of stroke or border to use: Hidden, Shape Outline, Border, or Double. To learn more about stroke styles, refer to Stroke and Fill Properties.
StrokeDetails for the chosen stroke. Each Stroke has its own properties depending on the Stroke Style chosen.
RollNumber of degrees this shape is rotated clockwise.
Scale XAmount to scale the width of this shape. 1 is scale to 100%.
Scale YAmount to scale the height of this shape. 1 is scale to 100%.
New in 8.1.19
A link to attach to this reporting component. Will be a clickable hyperlink if the report is exported as a PDF. You can use the values below to link to internal pages.
  • Page:Next - Navigates to the next page.
  • Page:Back - Navigates to the previous page.
  • Page:Number - Replace "Number" with a numeral. Navigates to the specified page.
  • VisibleIf true, the shape will be visible.
    WidthWidth of this shape in pixels.
    HeightHeight of this shape in pixels.
    XHorizontal distance in pixels between the left edge of this shape and the left edge of the page.
    YVertical distance in pixels between the top edge of this shape and the top edge of the page.


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    Pie Chart Sample CSV Data
    Fruit, Quantity
    Apples, 15
    Bananas, 56
    Oranges, 33
    Grapefruit, 7

    " "

    Label StyleOutset
    Value KeyQuantity