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Bezier Curves

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Bezier Curves

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A Bézier curve, also sometimes called a quadratic curve, is a type of curved line used in vector graphics that connects two points, allowing you to create smooth vector graphic shapes. A Bézier curve is configured using four points: the two end-points and two control points. The curve starts along the line between the an endpoint and the first control point, and then curves to smoothly meet the line between the second control point and the next endpoint.

Bezier Curve

Making Bezier Curves

Curves are made using the Line tool.

  1. In the Designer, select the Line tool icon (line tool icon) on the toolbar on the right side of your window. When the Line tool is active, a toolbar will appear in the top menubar. There are three different type of line settings: straight-line segments, perpendicular-line segments, and curved-line segments.

  2. Select the curve-line segment icon (curve-line segment icon). Begin drawing your image. Each time you want to make a curve, click on the screen. The curve-line segment will draw a smooth curve between points creating a smooth vector graphic shape.

    Making Bezier Curves Step 2

  3. The line tool can make lines as well as shapes. To complete the line, simply click a second time on your final location. To make the line into a shape, click on the starting point as your final location.

  4. Using the Path tool (path tool icon) in the drawing toolbar, you can see a vector graphic shape showing where the points meet and the smooth curves between each point. If you want to edit or alter the shape after you create it, use the Path tool and drag the circles or diamonds to change the shape.

    Making Bezier Curves Step 4