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Version: 7.9

Popup Calendar

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The popup calendar is a popular way to provide date/time choosing controls on a window. Similar to the Calendar component, but takes up much less screen real estate. Most commonly used by including this component's Date property in dynamic SQL Query Binding.


NameDescriptionProperty TypeScriptingCategory
AntialiasDraw with antialias on? Makes text smoother.boolean.antialiasAppearance
Background ColorThe background color of the component.Color.backgroundAppearance
BorderThe border surrounding this component. NOTE that the border is unaffected by rotation.Border.borderCommon
Calendar BackgroundThe background color for the popup calendar.Color.calendarBackgroundAppearance
CursorThe mouse cursor to use when hovering over this
Data QualityThe data quality code for any tag bindings on this
DateThe date that this component represents.Date.dateData
EnabledIf disabled, a component cannot be used.boolean.componentEnabledCommon
FontFont of text on this component.Font.fontAppearance
Foreground ColorThe foreground color of the component.Color.foregroundAppearance
Format StringThe date formatting pattern used to display this date.String.formatBehavior
Mouseover TextThe text that is displayed in the tooltip which pops up on mouseover of this component.String.toolTipTextCommon
NameThe name of this component.String.nameCommon
Selected BorderThe border for the selected day indicator.Border.selectedBorderAppearance
Show OK ButtonTurn this off if you don't want to show the OK button. The latched date and the immediate date will be equivalent.boolean.showOkButtonBehavior
Show TimeTurn this off if you don't want to show the time panel.boolean.showTimeBehavior
StylesContains the component's styles.Dataset.stylesAppearance
TextThe displayed text of the date (depends on the format string).String.textData
Time Display FormatThe format for displaying time in the
Time StyleSelect how this calendar should treat the time portion of the
Title BackgroundThe background of the title bar.Color.titleBackgroundAppearance
Today BackgroundBackground color for the today indicator.Color.todayBackgroundAppearance
Today ForegroundForeground color for the today indicator.Color.todayForegroundAppearance
VisibleIf disabled, the component will be hidden.boolean.visibleCommon
Weekend BackgroundBackground color for the weekend indicators.Color.weekendBackgroundAppearance
Weekend ForegroundForeground color for the weekend indicators.Color.weekendForegroundAppearance


Scripting Functions

This component does not have scripting functions associated with it.

Extension Functions

This component does not have extension functions associated with it.

Event Handlers

Event handlers allow you to run a script based off specific triggers. See the full list of available event handlers on the Component Events page