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Installing PostgreSQL

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Installing PostgreSQL

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To Install the PostgreSQL Database

  1. Go to the Postgre SQL website at:
  2. Click on Downloads, look for and click on the Windows link.
  3. On the Windows installers page, find the Download link and click on it, and on the next page select the installer you are interested in.
    For example, you can select the Wins x86-32.
  4. From your Download folder on your computer, click on the Postgre .exe file to install the database.
  5. Go through all the windows of the Install Wizard until installation is complete.
  6. From the Windows Start menu, open the Postgre pgAdmin database.
  7. In the Object browser of the pgAdmin window, right-click on PostgreSQL, select Connect, enter your password to connect to the Server, and click OK.
    You will now see the Databases folder in the Object browser.