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Version: 7.9


This function is used by Ignition's Expression language.


This function evaluates the expression condition, and returns the value of trueReturn or falseReturn depending on the boolean value of condition. Can be nested in one another to make provide multiple layers of logic


if(condition, trueReturn, falseReturn)

  • Parameters

    • object condition - The condition to evaluate.

    • object trueReturn - The true return value.

    • object falseReturn - The false return value.

  • Results

    • object - Returns the trueReturn if the condition is true, falseReturn if it is False.


Code Snippet
 if(1, "Yes", "No") //would return "Yes"
Code Snippet
 if(0, "Yes", "No") //would return "No"
Code Snippet
 if({Root Container.CheckBox.selected}, "Selected", "Not Selected") //would return with a description of the state of the checkbox
Code Snippet
//nests if functions to check the value of 2 different Tags, and return a message based on which ones are greater than 0.
if({tag1} > 0, if({tag2} > 0, "Both Tags are positive.", "Tag 1 is positive."), if({tag2} > 0, "Tag 2 is positive.", "Neither Tag is positive."))