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Version: 7.9

Text Field

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The Text Field component is used for input of any single-line text. This component will accept any alpha-numeric input. If you're looking for a numeric field, see the Numeric Text Field.

This field features a protected mode. When you enable the protectedMode property, the field is not editable even when it receives input focus. The user must double click on the field or press enter in order to edit the field. When they are done (press enter again or leave the field), the field becomes non-editable again.

The Text Field also supports the reject updates during edit feature. This feature ignores updates coming from property bindings while the component is being edited by a user.


NameDescriptionProperty TypeScriptingCategory
AntialiasDraw with antialias on? Makes text smoother.boolean.antialiasAppearance
BackgroundThe background color of the text box (when editable).Color.editableBackgroundAppearance
BorderThe border surrounding this component. NOTE that the border is unaffected by rotation.Border.borderCommon
Commit On Focus LossIf true, any pending edit will take effect when focus is lost. If false, the user must press ENTER for an edit to take effect.boolean.commitOnFocusLostBehavior
CursorThe mouse cursor to use when hovering over this
Data QualityThe data quality code for any tag bindings on this
Defer UpdatesWhen true, the 'text' property will not fire updates while typing, it will wait for Enter to be pressed.boolean.deferUpdatesBehavior
Editable?If true, this is an input box, if false, this is display-only.boolean.editableBehavior
EnabledIf disabled, a component cannot be used.boolean.componentEnabledCommon
FontFont of text on this component.Font.fontAppearance
Foreground ColorThe foreground color of the component.Color.foregroundAppearance
Horizontal AlignmentDetermines the alignment of the label's contents along the X
Maximum CharactersThe text box will be limited to this number of characters. Use -1 for
Mouseover TextThe text that is displayed in the tooltip which pops up on mouseover of this component.String.toolTipTextCommon
NameThe name of this component.String.nameCommon
Non-Editable BackgroundThe background color to use when this text box is non-editable.Color.nonEditableBackgroundAppearance
Protected Mode?If true, users will need to double-click in the field in order to edit the text.boolean.protectedModeBehavior
Reject Updates During EditIf true, this field will not accept updates from external sources (like DB bindings) while the user is editing the field.boolean.rejectUpdatesDuringEditBehavior
StylesContains the component's styles.Dataset.stylesAppearance
TextText of this component.String.textData
Touchscreen ModeControls when this input component responds if touchscreen mode is
VisibleIf disabled, the component will be hidden.boolean.visibleCommon


Scripting Functions


  • Description
    • Returns the currently selected or highlighted text in the text field.
  • Parameters
    • Nothing
  • Return
    • String - Returns the currently selected or highlighted text in the text field.
  • Scope
    • Client

Extension Functions

This component does not have extension functions associated with it.

Event Handlers

Event handlers allow you to run a script based off specific triggers. See the full list of available event handlers on the Component Events page



Code Snippet
#The following code will return the value of the text box's previous value into a variable.
#This code is fired on the propertyChange event for this component.

oldValue = event.source.oldValue

Titled Panel

Property NameValue
BorderTabbed Border with Title
FontDialog, Bold, 12
Horizontal AlignmentCenter