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This function was removed from the Gateway entirely as it is potentially harmful. It is only present in Gateway versions 7.9.0 - 7.9.3. It is not present in any prior or later versions of Ignition. This function is replaced by system.util.sendRequest(), which provides the same functionality in a more secure implementation. If you are using this function, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to at least 7.9.3 and use system.util.sendRequest() instead.


Invokes a function on the gateway. It will return the return value of the function, or throw an exception if something went wrong calling that function.


system.util. invokeGateway(function)

  • Parameters
    • String function - The function name.
    • PyObjects args - Any number of args to send to the function in a list.
  • Returns
    • Object return - The return from the function that was passed in.
  • Scope
    • All

Code Examples

Code Snippet
#This will take the text written into the text area, and save it to a file on the gateway.

data = event.source.parent.getComponent("Text Area").text
system.util.invokeGateway("system.file.writeFile", ["C:\\MyFile.txt", data])